Frequently Asked Questions

This page shows some frequently asked questions from our users, about the VIP, about the 4K movie, about downloading, about playing. If you have other questions, please send e-mail to [email protected]

What advantages are our site compare with other 4K movie sites?

1). Number. We own the most complete 4K movies, 4K documentaries and 4K TV series currently. You can count the number at our site. We are really the No. 1 of 4K movies.

2) Price. Our price of VIP is really the cheapest one compare with other 4K sites’ VIP. We don’t worry about comparing prices!

3) Renewal Cycle. We always update 4K movies in the shortest time.

4) Multiple Formats. We provide multiple formats of 4K resources, including Blu-ray Original Disk, Remux, and other 4K compressed file to meet the needs of different users.


About VIP

How can be the VIP of

Firstly, you should register on our website. (

Secondly, choose one of the VIP (one month or one year), and pay for it.

Lastly, you can download the torrent files.

What benefits are if I become the VIP of

The VIP can download all the 4K movie torrent files which already published freely. And the VIP can enjoy the right of free downloading in one month or one year. is the most complete and the cheapest 4K movie site.

Do you offer trial file for downloading?

Sorry, we do not provide any trial file for downloading. Yet we guarantee that our torrent files are downloadable and the 4K movie is Shocking.

How can I pay the subscription fee?

You could use your Master, VISA, American Express, Discover or UnionPay card. You can pay the subscription fee in any country in anywhere. If you get an issue that we can’t solve in the first 5 days, you can request a full refund.


About the 4K Movie

What is the resolution of these 4K movies?

The resolution of these 4K movies is 2160P (3840*2160). 4K UHD movie has clearer effect, more shocking playback effect.

Why are there different torrent files for the same movie?

The different torrent files are due to the different degree of compression. You can choose different torrent files to download according to your situation,

For example, Remux file is extract form the original disk and transform to MKV format. Remux format retains the original movie information and owns the best quality. But Remux file has the largest capacity.

What is the file size (GB) is for one 4K movie?

For one 4K movie, the file size maybe more than 20GB or maybe 50GB, and even more likely 80GB.

What sound effects are these 4K movies?

The most of the 4K Movies’ sound effects is DTS 5.1, DTS-HD HR 7.1, Dolby Atmos.


About Download 4K Movie

Which tool can I choose to download the 4K movies?

You can use free torrent client below to download the 4K movies.

qBittorrent (

uTorrent (

BitTorrent (


If you have some offline downloading net drive(or cloud storage), it’s really better!

How long do I need to download one 4K movie?

The time is uncertainly. It determined by the movie file size, how many people are seeding and your bandwidth. The picutre below shows the download speed of seven worlds one planet is 3.2MB/s.

Where can I get the latest tracker list?

Tracker is important for torrent downloading to increase download speed. We have added more than 200 trackers for the torrent file which you download. But you can also add the newest trackers for the torrent file below by yourself.

 The latest tracker information can be directly obtained through;;

How can I store the 4K movie files?

You can use computer hard disk, removable hard disk or NAS(Network Attached Storage) to store these movie files. U disk is not recommended.


About Play 4K Movie

Which video player can I use to play the 4K movie?

Potplayer on Windows platform. (

Kodi on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS platform. (

VLC on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS platform. (

Does the 4K movies have subtitles?

Yes, the most movies have English, French, Spanish Subtitles.

If you come from the non-English country, you can add your own language subtitles via the player.